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Byzantine for Bitcoin

The most secure all-in-one Bitcoin payments network. Focused on creating adoption of cryptocurrency for merchants worldwide.

  • Built on top of the Blue security SDK
  • Easy to integrate for merchants
  • World-class support team

Bitcoin Byzantine - Altcoin as a service to Bitcoin

Fast transaction layer

Semi-trusted atomic swaps allow you to spend bitcoin instantly without switching, by using Byzantine payment layer

Mining Byzantine secures Bitcoin core

Byzantine miners earn BYZ while securing Bitcoin through a proxy mining service.

Stake BYZ to earn Bitcoin

BYZ stakers earn Bitcoin core by staking Byzantine. By staking or BYZ miners will be rewarded a part of the entire BYZ hashrate. You can see the calculator below.

Simulate staking rewards

This chart is a simulation which includes financial assumptions such as a static $10,000 Bitcoin price, it should not be taken as a guarantee of any kind.

4 to 1 swap ends

Swap Live

Current Swap Ratio

Month 1
1 BLUE is Worth 5 BYZ

Month 2
1 BLUE is Worth 4 BYZ

Month 3
1 BLUE is Worth 3 BYZ

Month 4
1 BLUE is Worth 2 BYZ

Month 5
1 BLUE is Worth 1 BYZ

Getting Byzantine


On Ethereum block #8456789 the BLUE to BYZ smart contract was activated, allowing users to exchange each BLUE token for 5 BYZ coins. BLUE community swapped more than half of all the circulating supply of BLUE.
Current swap period swaps 1 BLUE for 4 BYZ each.

Quick swap

BLUE 1 Check markets

Using Byzantine


Utilizing Byzantine is as simple as using Bitcoin. Download and install a Byzantine node to get up and running in no time. Byzantine uses a unique device fingerprinting system to make sure payments are performed safely and securely. You can rest assured as a merchant that the buyer is the valid owner of their Bitcoin, freeing you from liability.

Keep your BTC

Byzantine superpowers Bitcoin With advanced security features, enabling micropayments of BTC that are cheap, fast, and final.

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In order to acquire BYZ coins after the limited BLUE swap and outside of an exchange, users will be able to mine them. BYZ is SHA256 mineable with a variable reward per block, which is dependent on the hash power of the whole network. BYZ miners mine Bitcoin via the Byzantine proxy, and the amount they mine is distributed proportionally amongst the BYZ stakers. In exchange they receive newly minted BYZ coins.
Superstaking enables the BYZ network to have an enormous throughput of information, throughput which is required to create a Bitcoin side channel, validate D2FA and allow BYZ proxy mining to exist. Superstakers irreversibly commit their coins to the network, and in exchange they receive credentials to their hosted supernode, so named because its robust hosting infrastructure is capable of passing more information than a normal node. Superstaking, or 10x staking, is an option for those who believe in the network. It allows those users to put their coins where their beliefs are and receive 10x the staking rewards from their support of the BYZ network.
Decentralized Two Factor Authentication is a highly secure TOTP two factor authentication protocol running on the BYZ network. No more servers, no more central failure points. BYZ D2FA was a highly guarded technology created by the Blue team, which required the creation of Byzantine, a new super-fast blockchain with enough throughput to realize this vision. Our version of D2FA will be ready to plug and play into any software shortly after the successful launch of the BYZ network.
Superstaking, as we mentioned before, is critical to the throughput of the BYZ network. For this reason we have implemented an additional incentive for users who share their knowledge of BYZ and superstaking by way of an on-chain referral system. Users who refer new superstakers will receive additional staking rewards - 5% of what is locked by their referrals will be rewarded to the referrer, and those who are referred will also receive a bonus of 5% staking rewards from what they lock. This means that a referred superstaker will receive 10.5x the rewards of a regular staker for all their locked coins and referrers accumulate more rewards for every referral. This feature is "baked into" BYZ and the rewards paid out will reflect this bonus permanently.
BYZ is a tradable coin, which developed its addressing structure from Bitcoin. This makes it easy for exchanges to add it within their existing frameworks and BYZ will ship with all the required documentation, no developer permission necessary.


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